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New Program Release

12/06/2014 09:39
Still workingon a new magazine for the month. In the mean time check out this :   Link   A very simple program that will switch out of a Flight Sim windows so  you can do Morse code and then go back to your window. Please see the above link to Sellfy. Also I want to mention, as a...
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FS9 FSNavigator

11/17/2014 14:48
This web page has been released with an FSX focus. However I have seen many advantages to the previous version of the simulator FS9. One such example is the amount of Planes, scenery and utilities that are available free. One of the best utilities that has ever existed for FS2004 (FS9) is...
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New Magazine Out in PDF

11/10/2014 13:36
Get it HERE   Flight Simulator Magazine for Beginners Using Flight Simulator 2004 A Century of Flight My Gurantee to you. If I have left anything out, any topic you want me to cover, based on the topics in the Table of Contents.... Let me know, I wll revise it and send you the revision...
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Free Gates For FS9

11/06/2014 14:18
Why would you want to add gates to Flight Sim Version 9? If you fly a long distance flight in an airliner when you get there and start taxiing to the terminal there should at least be gates to make it more realistic. P. Mc Cullough did scenery for Houston Hobby and you can get it here: LINK This is...
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Free Single Frame Screen Capture

11/06/2014 13:39
Screen Capture Methods     LINK to Snapper   "Snapper makes it really easy to make screenshots. When Snapper is running, every time you press the 'PrintScreen' button, it will save a JPG image of the screenshot to your harddisk, possibly with some enhancements."*   You...
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RePainting Aircraft -- Free

11/06/2014 11:29
Two free tools are needed for repainting aircraft.  The first can be found at the following link..... LINK If you do not have PaintShop pro there is a free Paint Program called The following link is for an older version of LINK Instructions on doing this are as follows. The...
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Obtaining Weather Radar (WX Radar) --- Free

11/06/2014 11:23
Follow this link for an MD11 that will work in FS9 and allow you to later add a panel with a functional Weather Radar (WX Radar)   LINK     This link will show you the files you will need to add a panel to that MD11.   LINK
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FSX FS9 Tips and Tricks

11/06/2014 11:13
If you use FSX and FS9 often enough you will notice that you are doing the shift 4 or shift 3 key a lot to bring up GPS. GPS may also be mapped to any other key. Essentially you use shift and number to bring up various screens. I find it  easier to change the keyboard mapping to...
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FSX Screen Shot

09/10/2014 21:42
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Southern Louisiana Scenery

08/22/2014 08:35
To take Tiger Stadium that was rendered in Google Sketchup and port it over to this now very old microsoft product was no easy task.
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