Free Gates For FS9

11/06/2014 14:18
Why would you want to add gates to Flight Sim Version 9?

If you fly a long distance flight in an airliner when you get there and start taxiing to the terminal there should at least be gates to make it more realistic.

P. Mc Cullough did scenery for Houston Hobby and you can get it here: LINK

This is a link to the SurClaro website and the Freeware that they have.

Mr. Mc Cullough has given me permission to expand on his Houston Scenery in this way. 

With his permission I have a set of .bgl files in a zip folder that when added to your addon scenery directory will give you gates at other airports such as:

1. Columbus Ohio           -- KCMH
2. Dallas Fort Worth        -- KDAL
3. Raliegh - Durham        -- KRDU
4. Salt Lake City Utah      -- KSLC
5. Freeport Bahamas       -- MYGF
6. Detroit Wayne Metro    -- KDTW
7. Tuscon, Arizona           -- KTUS
Those files can be found HERE
Remember however, the second file will not work without the first.
Question: Why would you need these expansion files?
Answer: These files will give you gates or Jetways for specific airports without you needing to add a whole city of scenery, or even sometimes just an addon airport can cause a big dip in frame rate performance on Flight Sim depending on what kind of  hardware you use.
If you fly to any airports on a regular basis, maybe for a Virtual Airline and you want gates added, contact me. Or with everything I have explained here you can do it yourself.
I use Flight1 Instant Scenery and Abacus has a similar tool that is offered by them for free.
The above picture shows New Orleans Internation Armstrong with Default scenery with the exception of the jetway that is circled.


Most Flight Sim scenery consists of a .zip file with .bgl files in it. 
When these files are put in your Addon scenery folder they should show up with no problem. 
Example unzipped so you can get file.bgl
Some commercial / payware scenery comes with an installer.
These scenery files, however, require some working knowledge of Windows and directory structure.
  1. These files will not work unless they are downloaded and installed properly 
  2. By installed I mean placed in the proper directory.
  3. See this directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery (Windows XP)
  4. I think it would be C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery (Win Vista or Newer)
Also I realize that not everyone installs Flight Sim in the same directory or on the same drive. Yours may be installed on a secondary D: drive for instance. This is part of the reason I do not create an automated installer.
Also I have the following screen shots, they will show you how Flight Sim should be set up in order for your scenery to display propery.