Free Single Frame Screen Capture

11/06/2014 13:39

Screen Capture




LINK to Snapper


"Snapper makes it really easy to make screenshots. When Snapper is running, every time you press the 'PrintScreen' button, it will save a JPG image of the screenshot to your harddisk, possibly with some enhancements."*


You can just press v on FSX but what about FS9


Pressing the V key in FSX gives you .bmp files not .jpg and .jpg is supported a little more.

I also notice a slight studder when pressing the v key that I do not get with snapper when PRNTSCRN is pressed.


*Quote from Snapper Web Page


If you want full video capture there are a few option. I will only list three of them.

1. MSI Afterburner


3. BandiCAM

More Tips
Shift Z sequence gives you a red text output at the top of your screen, much like ATC transmission.
It shows North and West Lat and Long, altitude, heading and wind. Pressing Shift Z will show you frames per second of your simulator, and percentage of fuel in your plane.


MSI Kombustor can be be found at the following LINK

FRAPS is very reliable and has been around a long time. FRAPS offers a lifetime registration. However, Kombustor does create much smaller video files because they are compressed unlike the FRAPS .avi files that you end up that can take up easily 4 gig per capture.

*Quote from Snapper Web Page