FS9 FSNavigator

11/17/2014 14:48

This web page has been released with an FSX focus. However I have seen many advantages to the previous version of the simulator FS9. One such example is the amount of Planes, scenery and utilities that are available free.

One of the best utilities that has ever existed for FS2004 (FS9) is FSNavigator. According to a web page that I will provide a link for. FSNavigator is now FREEWARE.

There are advantages to FSNavigator over the GPS that all FS9 planes have. For instance with the GPS in FS9 you can only have airports as destinations. I have been flying seaplanes however. So there are many times where I have a destination that is not an airport. 

In many FS9 adventures, the creator of the adventure would simply give you a heading from a known airport and tell you how many miles to fly to reach your destination. With FSNavigator you get a direct point to point navigation system for any place in the Flight Simulator World. To read more about this and download FSNavigator see the following LINK