RePainting Aircraft -- Free

11/06/2014 11:29

Two free tools are needed for repainting aircraft. 

The first can be found at the following link.....


If you do not have PaintShop pro there is a free Paint Program called

The following link is for an older version of


Instructions on doing this are as follows.

The above link is to since I am running Windows XP I needed the old version of

If you run a newer version of Windows a simple Google search for "" should be fine.


(There are many other ways to do this (This is simply how I do it.))

  1. In FS9 goto your aircraft directory    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft
  2. With Vista or anything newer it may say Program Files(x86)
  3. I did a repaint of one of my default aircraft. The Boeing 737-400 which is found in the following folder
  4. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\b737_400               (see notation below)
  5. Copy the texture file in the above foler to the desktop or somewhere you can work on it.
  6. Delete the original texture file to the recycle bin so you can easily restore it if you do not like how the re paint turns out. It might be a good idea to copy it somewhere else also just to keep it safe if you ever want to go back to it.
  7. The first link is to the dxtbmp tool. Load this file with that tool b737_400_T.bmp
Notation If you are not good at getting around Windows directory structure there is an easy way to get to your flight sim files if you have a shortcut on your desktop. -- Right click the shortcut, go to properties and then find target. This will bring you to your flight sim folder either FS9 or FSX. Repaints for either sim are done with the same method.



  1. Now click Image and then Send to editor. If you have Paint. net installed you will be able to modify in
  2. The image will open in that editor.
  3. Edit however you care to.
  4. Save in and then go back to dxtbmp:
  5. Load and  save it as an extended .bmp  as in the illustration below (cirlced in red). Save type is DXT3

Another detail to take note of:

  1. As you can see in the above image "Landmark" is written backwards. When you load this plane in your simulator it will not appear backwards however. So with your Paint program you would have to "flip horizontally" any text that you plan to place in that location of the texture map.
  2. With it is easy to add a block of text in any graphic format (.jpg, .bmp, .png) by going to the layer selection and then "Import from file". This block of text can be generated in any paint program and saved.
  3. In you can use the "Flip Horizontally selection", under the image tab at the top of the editor.
The method I have shown will replace your default aircraft. The good news about that is they will show up as your AI (artificial Inteligence) aircraft as you fly from City to City, State to State, Country to Country Etc.
However you may want to maintain you default aircraft and go with your newly painted aircraft as a separate choice for flight sim. I will post those instructions as soon as I can.